Bradbury’s bakery, established by Tom and Peg Bradbury in 1938, have always been well known for their cafes and bakery shops, supplying traditional cakes and pastries for as long as many of us would care to remember and now Bradbury’s are gaining a reputation among a whole new generation, our primary school students…

Bradbury’s have been involved in the “School Meals” programme since 2004, since then they have devised a simple and efficient system of supplying quality lunches to every student, every day ensuring the greatest possible value and quality. With vast experience in the food, retail, contract catering, hospitality and bakery sector, since 1938, this family run business has now brought its extensive experience to the Irish school meals programme ensuring that the school’s valuable time and resources are not wasted.

The aim of the Bradbury’s Irish School Meals programme is to achieve a long term, sustainable supply of quality lunches to each and every student with reliability and ease. Bradbury’s pride themselves on their personal service.

John and Jill Bradbury are always only a phone call away.

John : 086 3824333

Jill : 086 9701912

Irish School Meals